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  • Pilar

    30x48 - 30x24 - 30x48 inch panels unframed 
    Framed & delivered at additional custom pricing. 


    Introducing "Pilar's Liberation": A Triptych Symphony of Mental Health Resilience


    In the mesmerizing triptych, "Pilar's Liberation," the canvas unveils a profound narrative, transcending the boundaries of paint and emotion. Pilar, a name derived from the Spanish origin meaning "pillar" or "support," emerges as an ethereal embodiment of strength and transformation.


    Spanning all three panels, the larger-than-life figure of Pilar, a resplendent ballerina, captures the essence of breaking free from the constraints that once held her captive. The story unfolds with Pilar already having shattered the invisible chains of judgment and environmental expectations that sought to keep her hidden and small.

    As the viewer's gaze journeys through the dynamic composition, Pilar's wings, symbolic of newfound strength and resilience, are unfurling in a breathtaking display.


    The gold leaf, delicately breaking off from her wings, becomes the powerful symbolism for the narratives imposed upon her by her environment. Each drifting piece echoes the liberation and autonomy Pilar has claimed for herself.


    Pilar soars with newfound freedom, unburdened by the expectations that once confined her. The remnants of the narratives that sought to define her lie scattered below, a testament to her courage in breaking free and embracing her authentic self.


    "Pilar's Liberation" is more than a painting; it's a transcendent visual experience that resonates with the universal journey toward mental health resilience. The shimmering gold hues, once fragments of imposed narratives, now glow with the brilliance of Pilar's autonomy.


    This triptych is a call to action, urging us all to support and celebrate the strength inherent in those navigating the delicate dance of mental health.

    As Pilar gracefully spans the entire canvas, she becomes a beacon of hope—a living testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us. "Pilar's Liberation" beckons us to break free from the narratives that seek to keep us hidden, embracing a world where mental health is not only acknowledged but celebrated as a vital pillar of our shared humanity.

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