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  • Carmen

    Introducing "Carmen: Through the Fingers of a Narcissist"


    Behold the enigmatic portrait, "Carmen," a striking piece painted on a complete wooden canvas—a fusion of charcoal and paint that transcends the boundaries of traditional art.


    As you delve into the depths of this captivating composition, you'll uncover a narrative that intertwines the subtle dance between control and perceived reality.

    Carmen, the subject of this hauntingly beautiful portrait, emerges with a magnetic presence. Rendered through a delicate combination of charcoal and paint, her visage draws you in, inviting contemplation.


    The wooden canvas itself serves as a metaphorical stage for the unfolding drama—one where the intricacies of manipulation and control take center stage.

    The paint stripes, carefully applied, serve as the fingers of a narcissist, each stroke representing the calculated control wielded by the unseen puppeteer. This poignant symbolism echoes the Dutch saying, "Ik zie het door de vingers," translated to English as "I will let it slide." Through the fingers of the narcissist, the narrative is carefully crafted, allowing only glimpses of the victim as dictated by the manipulator.


    As you observe Carmen, it becomes evident that the layers of paint create a calculated facade—an orchestrated presentation of the victim as seen through the fingers of the narcissist. The persona on display is meticulously controlled, hiding the scars and vulnerabilities that lie beneath the surface.


    To encapsulate this profound narrative, the entire portrait is finished with a layer of resin—a gloss that both elevates and encapsulates the layers beneath. This final touch serves as a metaphor for the glossy veneer that often conceals the true complexities of relationships marked by manipulation.


    "Carmen: Through the Fingers of a Narcissist" is a visual exploration of power dynamics and the curated realities crafted by those who control the narrative. This wooden canvas, infused with charcoal, paint, and resin, invites you to reflect on the hidden dimensions of human connection—a poignant reminder that what we see may only be a carefully orchestrated fragment of the truth.

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